About the Foundation

The Central Coast Fencing Foundation was created by a body of fencers, coaches, and parents who desired to support and expand the sport of fencing all along California’s central coast. Today, the Foundation’s Board of Directors continues to be made of members of our community from a wide assortment of clubs, levels, and experience. The Foundation works alongside the local clubs and coaches to help every fencer toward their goals in training and in competition, as well as educating the public about our sport and local opportunities.

Since its founding, the CCFF has been able to serve our community in the following ways:

● Awarded equipment grants to local clubs
● Funded youth fencing clinics
● Awarded scholarships for youth fencers to travel to summer training camps
● Awarded scholarships for coaches to attend the National Coaches’ College in Colorado
● Sponsored the Central Coast Circuit Cup, a series of tournaments for local youth fencers
● Supported local US Fencing Association tournament planning and scheduling
● Supported demonstrations in local schools
● Funded high-level training for local referees
● Supported collegiate fencing with grants

As fencing on a whole and in our area continues to grow, the CCFF will continue to play a large part. We remain dedicated to supporting our local fencing clubs, both old and new. And we will continue to support youth fencing, through scholarships and the growing Central Coast Youth Circuit Cup.  Feel free to also check us out on Facebook.  


The Central Coast Fencing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and so all donations are tax-deductible. If you are interested in making a donation to the Foundation, please contact treasurer@centralcoastfencing.org.

Member Position Contact
Anna Kopcrak Chair chair@centralcoastfencing.org
Sarah Hepler Vice Chair vicechair@centralcoastfencing.org
Kyle Yamasaki Treasurer treasurer@centralcoastfencing.org
Sarah Hepler Secretary secretary@centralcoastfencing.org
Heidi Wicka Board Member
Rachel Wieczorek Board Member
Alice Butterick Board Member
 Leah Kawahara  Board Member