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Youth Circuit #3 Results

Results from our final Youth Circuit event of the season are available here:


Y-12 / Y-10

Youth Circuit #3 & Unrated Foil @ San Luis Highlanders

On Saturday May 2, the San Luis Highlanders is hosting our last Youth Circuit event of the 2014-2015 season and a sanctioned Unrated Foil tournament.

Pre-registration for the Unrated Foil event is available on AskFred: https://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=29742

Three Weapon Olé Open @ UCSB

UCSB is hosting an open tournament with a twist: the top 50% of fencers out of pools move on to DEs, while the bottom 50% start a new tournament! This event promises tons of fencing for everyone and will be a fundraiser for the university fencers to travel to collegiate nationals. Hope to see everyone there!

Pre-registration is on AskFred: https://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=29642

Youth Circuit #2

The second of three Youth Circuit tournaments was held last weekend at UCSB. Detailed results can be found on Presidio’s website and the updated points list is available here.

Fencing Clinic #2

Our second clinic for all fencers 18 and under will be held in Los Olivos on Saturday, January 17th, hosted by the Presidio Fencing Club. More details follow.


9:00am – 12:00pm Warm-up, fencing games, exercises, tips and tricks

12:00pm – 1:00am Lunch (provided for full day attendees)

1:00pm – 3:00pm Bout simulation exercises and bouting



Los Olivos Elementary
2540 Alamo Pintado Ave
Los Olivos, CA



$15 half day/ $25 full day. USA Fencing membership required.



Under arm protectors, full-length pants or fencing knickers (with knee-high socks and non- scuffing gym shoes required. No cargo pants or shorts allowed. Bouting activities will be fenced electric. Electric foil masks are recommended. Some electric gear may be available, but please check in advance.



call Tim Robinson at 403-6895 or email tim@presidiofencing.com

Youth Circuit #1 Results

Our first Circuit event was held in Los Olivos and the results are in. Congratulations to our winners and we’ll see you in Santa Barbara for our next event in 2015!

Youth Circuit #1 and E & Under Foil

The first Central Coast Youth Circuit event of the season will be on Saturday, November 8 in Los Olivos. Please sign up here.

After the Youth event, there will be an E & Under Foil event. Sign up for the later event here.

Youth Fencing Clinic in SLO

The San Luis Highlanders Fencing Club is hosting a fencing clinic for all fencers under 18 on Saturday, October 18th.

The clinic will focus on improving your tactical footwork and blade work skills through fun fencing exercises, games such as Tribal Warfare and Knights Challenge and challenging bouting scenarios plus opportunities to learn valuable tips for competition and make new friends.

9:00am – 12:00pm Warm-up, fencing games, exercises, tips and tricks
12:00pm – 1:00am Lunch (provided for full day attendees)
1:00pm – 3:00pm Bout simulation exercises and bouting

$15 for half day
$25 for full day

More info and required liability waiver can be found here: Highlanders Cadet & Youth Foil Clinic

E & Under Foil

The first USFA tournament for the new season will be an E & Under foil event in Los Olivos on Saturday, November 8. More details are available on AskFred: http://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=27845

Youth Circuit 2014-2015

We’re excited to announce the date for the first Youth Circuit event for the 2014-2015 season: Saturday, November 8, at the Los Olivos Elementary School.

Also, there are a few changes to the Youth Circuit this season. First, the points and competition factors have been adjusted. Second, there will only be three events this year, so points from all three will count. Third, you must compete in at least two events in order to be included in the final results.

Last, to further support fencing for our youth and high school age fencers, this year the clubs will be hosting two fencing clinics. The first will be in October at the San Luis Highlanders. These clinics will be an opportunity to study tactics and techniques together as a community, working with coaches and fencers from other clubs. We hope everyone will attend.

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