Congratulations to all of our youth medalists and attendees this past weekend.  The trial run of High School Epee also went really well!  A shout-out to the Cal Poly fencers and coaches who helped referee and run the Highlanders Tournament.

Just a quick note that Cal Poly will be hosting an unrated Saber & Epee tournament this Sunday January 27th.  There is a limited amount of space so be sure to register HERE at AskFred if you would like to participate.

The next Youth Circuit Event will be hosted by Points West on the 23rd of February.  This one will have the Y10/ Y12/ Y14 foil as well as the High School foil events.  If you have any questions or concerns, check our CCFF Facebook page here.  There will soon be someone to answer!  Thanks to all of you drivers and supporters  of the Central Coast Fencers too!